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Spangles Muldoon, real name Chris Cary, was a radio broadcaster best known for his work on British offshore radio station Radio Caroline. Cary was a key figure[citation needed] in the British rock music radio revolution of the 1960s. He was born in Chester, U.K., on 5 October 1946 and died on 29 February 2008, in Tenerife, Spain, after suffering from two strokes.

Cary was one of the DJs who broadcast from the offshore pirate radio ship Radio Caroline in 1967 and 1968.[1] At its peak the station had 23 million listeners. In the 1970s Cary was a DJ on RNI(not true) before a stint at Radio Luxembourg.

Chris did work on Radio Caroline when the did came back on the air in 1972 after in port of Amsterdam for 5 years (since 1968) and did go later Radio Luxenbourg 208 m in 1975 and stay there and till around 1978 or so

He operated Compshop in North London in the late 1970s. In 1980 Cary went to Ireland with Robbie Robinson to set up Sunshine Radio. In 1981 he returned to Ireland again to set up Radio Nova, which was the most successful commercial Top 40 radio station in Ireland to date[citation needed] in terms of professionalism and listenership.[citation needed] Many of the programming philosophies on Nova were based around Los Angeles station KIIS-FM.[citation needed]

His son Nico Cary is a British triathlete who completed 3 marathons back to back raising over £14,000 for Movember UK[2]


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