Spanggur Gap

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Spanggur Gap
Spanggur Gap is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Spanggur Gap
Location India / China
Coordinates 33°34′23″N 78°46′48″E / 33.573°N 78.78°E / 33.573; 78.78Coordinates: 33°34′23″N 78°46′48″E / 33.573°N 78.78°E / 33.573; 78.78

The Spanggur Gap is a mountain pass on the Line of Actual Control. It is a gap in the mountains to the south of the Pangong Lake. To the east of the gap is the Spanggur Lake.

According to Indian sources, India was in control of the Spanggur Gap during the war of 1962 and there were Indian posts there,[1][2] but it was taken over by the Chinese army during the Sino-Indian War as the Indian army withdrew in order to bolster defences of the nearby Indian village of Chushul.[3][4]