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Capture of the El Gamo.jpg
The Action and Capture of the Spanish Xebeque Frigate El Gamo by Clarkson Frederick Stanfield
Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931).svgSpain
Name: El Gamo
Captured: 6 May 1801 by Lord Cochrane
Fate: Sold to Algeria as a merchantman
General characteristics
Class and type: 32-gun frigate
Displacement: ≈600 tons
Sail plan: Interchangeable xebec-rigged and ship-rigged
Complement: 319
  • 32 guns:
  • 22 × 12-pounder guns
  • 8 × 8-pounder guns
  • 2 × 24-pounder carronades

The Spanish ship El Gamo was a 32-gun xebec-frigate of the Spanish Navy involved in action with, and subsequently captured by Lord Cochrane on 6 May 1801. The skirmish is notable for the large disparity between the size and firepower of El Gamo and her opponent, the British brig Speedy; the former was around four times the size, had much greater firepower and a crew six times the size of Speedy, which had a reduced crew of 54 at the time of the engagement.[1]

After her capture, El Gamo was sold to the ruler of Algiers as a merchantman.


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