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Special Needs is a dark comedy/satire about three reality TV producers creating show about people with physical and mental disabilities. The film was written, produced, and directed by Isaak James, who also starred.[1]

Critical Reaction[edit]

DVD Talk rated it "highly recommended", calling it "an instant candidate for independent comedy of the year ".[2] Variety called it "a rip-roaring good time" that succeeded with a subject that could have been disastrous.[3] Blogcritics found it "tastelessly hilarious".[4] French site Horreur.com was a bit more measured in its praise, suggesting a mixture of laughter and gritting of teeth as an appropriate reaction but awarded a rating of 5/6.[5]


It was an official selection at the Calgary International Film Festival and Westwood International Film Festival.[5] It was released on DVD by Troma.[6]


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