Executive Magistrate of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Administrative Service

Executive Magistrate
NamesGovernment of Bangladesh
Occupation type
Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration)
Activity sectors
Law, Administration
CompetenciesAnalytical mind, critical thinking, impartiality, common sense
Education required
Usually experienced as an Executive and Judicial Officer (varies by jurisdiction)
Fields of
Court, Executive and Managerial Duty
Related jobs
Judge, Bangladesh Civil Service, Barrister, solicitor, prosecutor

Executive Magistrate (Bengali: নির্বাহী ম্যাজিস্ট্রেট) is the Magistrate of the executive organ of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The members of the Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration) i.e. Bangladesh Administrative Service are the Executive Magistrates. They usually exercise vast executive and limited judicial power in their respective jurisdiction.


Bangladesh High Court on 13 May 2017 issued a verdict that declared the rules under which executive magistrates operate contratry to the constitution of Bangladesh.[1]

Types of executive magistrate[edit]

According to the section-10(6) of the Code of Criminal Procedure,1898; members of Bangladesh Civil Service(Administration), the Assistant Commissioner, Upozila Nirbahi Officer, and Additional Deputy Commissioners can be executive magistrate and may exercise the power of executive magistrate within their existing respective local areas.[2]

In every Administrative District, there are following Executive Magistrates:-

  1. District Magistrate (DM): In every district and in every Metropolitan Area, the Government shall appoint as many persons as it thinks fit to be Executive Magistrates and shall appoint one of them to be the District Magistrate.
  2. Additional District Magistrate (ADM):The Government may also appoint any Executive Magistrate to be an Additional District Magistrate.
  3. Additional Deputy Commissioner(ADC): All the ADC's in the district are Executive Magistrate.
  4. Upazila Nirbahi Officer: (Sub-District/Upazila Executive Officer)
  5. Assistant Commissioner: including Senior Assistant Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner (Land
Executive Magistrate of Bangladesh Conducting Mobile Court


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