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Spectrum Radio
Headquarters London, UK
Website http://www.spectrumradio.net

Spectrum Radio is a multi-ethnic radio station based in London, which covers over 20 different ethnic communities.[1]


Spectrum Radio broadcasts multicultural ethnic programming on three different broadcast platforms: on 558 kHz from the Crystal Palace transmitting station and DAB Digital Radio. Programmes are also available to download as Podcasts through iTunes. An online Schedule Page lists the running order of programmes. Each Ethnic group broadcaster designs programmes to suit the needs of its own audiences, which may be in English or the relevant community language.[citation needed]


Spectrum Radio is distinguished by its multiethnic, foreign language programmes, many of which have been on air since its launch in 1990.[2] Some programmes broadcast on Spectrum via the World Radio Network but many of the station's in-house broadcasts are available to Listen Again on the Spectrum Media Player (provided by London Ethnic Radio) or to download as Podcasts via ITunes. These include Tikkun Spectrum (Jewish) Radio Fatima (Muslim) IBC Tamil, Chinese Spectrum (Cantonese, Mandarin, English), Irish Spectrum, The London Ceilidh (Scottish), Somali on Air, Radio Focus (Ghanaian), Amrit Vela Radio (Sikh), Negat Ethiopia Radio, Arabic Spectrum, Brazil News & Paradise Club (Mauritian).[3]


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