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Spencer E. Dickinson, a Democrat from South Kingstown, is a candidate for the Rhode Island House of Representatives from the 35th district - which encompasses the village of Kingston and West Kingston, and parts of the neighborhoods of Tuckertown, Wakefield and Peace Dale. He has represented the 35th district in two previous legislative sessions. [1] Dickinson, a veteran of the General Assembly who served from 1973 to 1980[2] was motivated to return to the General Assembly in 2010 [3] after 30 years because he believed the situation in the legislature resembled what existed in 1972 when he first ran with little transparency or accountability.[4] In addition to improving governance in the legislature, Dickinson's successful 2010 campaign emphasized fiscal responsibility, rebuilding the state's economy (by among other things supporting the University of Rhode Island which he believes can serve as an important incubator for technology based businesses), and an alternative energy strategy focused on wind power which he believes would reduce dependence on foreign oil while creating construction and technology jobs.[5]

Dickinson was elected to the Rhode Island House of Representatives in 1972 where he served four terms before retiring in 1980. During that time he championed environmental causes such as the Bottle Bill and was a member of a group of reformers who among other things brought recorded voting to the Rhode Island General Assembly after assuming key leadership positions; Dickinson served as Deputy Majority Leader.[6]

Dickinson is a career homebuilder who pioneered solar heating in Rhode Island in the 1970s, building the state's first solar heated home, and is a noted local expert in the field of alternative energy.[7][8]

Dickinson was a member of the South Kingstown Conservation Commission[9] but stepped down from the Commission following the 2010 election. He was defeated for reelection in the 9 September 2014 Democratic Primary against Kathleen A. Fogarty.[10]