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Spencer Trethewy (born 1971) is a self-proclaimed property developer,[1] who saved Aldershot Football Club from closure in August 1990 with a £200,000 signed affidavit.[1] He remained on the club's board as a director for just three months, and was voted off by the other directors after it transpired that he was unable to repay any of the money he had borrowed from other individuals in order to honour the affidavit.

In 1994, Trethewy was convicted of breaching the Companies Act by running up bills when his company was suspended from trading and sentenced to twenty five months in prison. This was reduced due to some successful appeals to eleven months.[2]

In 2007 Trethewy, having changed his name by deed poll in 1998, taking his mothers maiden name, Spencer Day, emerged as the owner and manager of Combined Counties Football League club Chertsey Town where has invested heavily in the club including kitting out their 22 sides, ground improvements and substantial playing squad investment.[2]

Day is reported by the NLP to have built a substantial company finance investment business holding (managing partner of HH Finance) in the last fifteen years which specializes in residential and commercial holdings worldwide. HH own significant waterfront holdings in Kingston upon Thames according to the Land Registry. Day is known to own at least two superyachts,[3] helicopters, and homes throughout the world. One of his main residences was featured in the Sunday Times "Beyond the brochure" article (1st Nov 09) and is listed at £12m. Day is currently manager of Farnborough F.C..


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