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Spider is the nickname of:

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  • Louis XI of France (1423-1483), King of France known as "l'universelle aragne" ("the Universal Spider")
  • Toni Kukoč (born 1968), Croatian retired National Basketball Association player nicknamed "the Spider from Split"
  • Alain Robert (born 1962), French rock climber and urban climber nicknamed "the Human Spider"
  • Roberto Vásquez (born 1983), Panamanian boxer nicknamed "La Araña" ("The Spider")
  • Lev Yashin (1929-1990), Soviet-Russian football goalkeeper nicknamed "The Black Spider"
  • Fabio Cudicini (born 1936), Italian retired football goalkeeper nicknamed "Ragno Nero" ("Black Spider")
  • Cesare Maestri (born 1929), Italian mountaineer and writer nicknamed the "Spider of the Dolomites"
  • Peter Everitt (born 1974), Australian rules footballer nicknamed "Spida"
  • Spider-Man (nickname)