Spin One

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Spin One
EP by Icehouse
Released June 1993
Recorded Studio 301 & Paradise Studios
Genre New wave, synthpop, rock
Length 19:29
Label Massive
Producer Iva Davies, Cameron Allan, Charles Clouser, Bill Laswell
Icehouse chronology
Spin One
Big Wheel
(1993)Big Wheel1993

Spin One is a four-track EP released by Australian rock/synthpop band Icehouse in June 1993.[1] It was issued by Massive Records. Three tracks, "Shakin' the Cage", "Dedicated to Glam" and "MLK", are also on the double CD remix album, Full Circle, released in December 1994.[2] "Byrralku Dhangudha" is an edited version of "The Great Southern Mix" with guest appearance by aboriginal performers, keyboardist Bernie Worrell (Parliament-Funkadelic) and avant-garde guitarist Buckethead, and was produced by Bill Laswell.

Professional reviews[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 1.5/5 stars[3]

Allmusic's Kelvin Hayes described "Shakin' the Cage" and "MLK", which were taken from Full Circle, as "Semi-decent lead [followed by] a diabolical attempt at trendy house courtesy of General Dynamics, who uses samples over a vapid synth, an experiment best left to self-destruct in the laboratory".[3] While the other two tracks, "are remixes of versions that are included in the "FC" bracket, which doesn't bode much better but does at least offer more than its sibling".[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Shakin' the Cage" (Andy Qunta, Iva Davies, Robert Kretschmer, Simon Lloyd) – 4:02
  2. "Byrralku Dhangudha" (Davies) – 5:25
  3. "Dedicated To Glam" (Davies) – 4:29
  4. "MLK" (Davies) – 5:33

Songwriters according to Australasian Performing Rights Association.[4]



  • Iva Davies – vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Robert Kretschmer – guitars
  • Simon Lloyd – saxophone, keyboards, programming
  • Andy Qunta – keyboards, piano
Additional musicians
Production work

All recording and mixing at General Dynamics, Trackdown Studios, Studio 301, FON Studios, Western Boulevard.


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