Sports Car International

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Sports Car International
Sports Car International March 2006 cover.jpg
Sports Car International, March 2006
Editor-in-Chief Erik Gustafson (until 2008)
Former editors Jay Lamm, Mark Ewing
Categories Automotive
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1986
Final issue November 2008
Company Ross Periodicals Inc.
Country United States
Language English

Sports Car International (SCI) was an automobile magazine published in the United States from 1986 to 2008 by Ross Periodicals Inc,[1] first in Newport Beach, but then later in Novato, California.[2]


The magazine was unabashedly enthusiast-oriented, assuming a good knowledge of sports cars, racing, and automotive history. The magazine was originally edited by Mark Ewing. In the 1990s, (after the move from Newport Beach to Northern California) Jay Lamm served as editor;[3] Lamm had worked at other publications, including Autoweek, and had written books on cars like the Mazda Miata. In 1994, SCI became the first magazine publication to go all-digital in its printing process.[4] In 2006, Erik Gustafson served as editor, and upgraded the publication's layout, editorial style, and format to compete directly with rival top automotive publications.[5]

The magazine ceased publication with the November 2008 edition due to cost factors such as a lack of advertising revenue. The publisher stated that all subscribers would ride out their subscription with Excellence, a magazine focused on Porsche automobiles. For those who already have subscriptions to Excellence and SCI, Forza, a Ferrari magazine would be the substitute.

Top sports cars[edit]

Sports Car International compiled a list of the Top Sports Cars of the last few decades. The selections were simply the opinions of the magazine's editors. The following lists are taken from the magazine.

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