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Spotted by Locals
Caption Spotted by Locals Logoorry,
Genre Travel Guides
Founded 2008
Founders Sanne van Poll-Bakker
Bart van Poll
Headquarters Amsterdam
Products Travel guidebook, digital applications, online community

Spotted by Locals is a publisher of a series of travel guides (apps & blogs) with up to date tips curated by handpicked locals in 70+ cities in Europe and North America.

The city guides are curated by "Spotters" - people who live in the city they write about and speak the local language. All Spotters are selected by founders Sanne & Bart van Poll.

Spotted by Locals is aimed at travelers who want local information about a city, and who want to avoid the typical tourist spots.

Access to travel information from locals is gaining popularity amongst travelers and travel organizations like Lonely Planet.[1] In 2010, Spotted by Locals was one of the co-founders of, a not-for-profit responsible travel website and discussion platform aiming to unite companies who commit to operating with Local Travel values.

Founders Sanne & Bart van Poll

The Spotted by Locals concept has received coverage on BBC World,[2] and in newspapers and magazines like The Guardian,[3] the Sueddeutsche Zeitung,[4] Le Monde,[5] The Sunday Times,[6] and National Geographic Traveler.

Spotted by Locals has also been mentioned in The Telegraph, [7] Gadling and [8] The Times.[9]


Mar 2008 Spotted by Locals was founded by Sanne & Bart van Poll, a married couple of avid travelers from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 2008: Founders start a 6-month road trip to 21 cities in Europe, to select the first 120 Spotters
Nov 2008: Winner of Mashable Open Web Awards[10] in the category "Travel"
Feb 2009: Winner of Lonely Planet Travel Blog Award in the "Best Group authored Travel blog" category
Oct 2010: Winner of Guardian newspaper "Best Travel Website" Award[11]
Feb 2011: Launch of the iPhone application
Jul 2012: Launch of Android applications
Nov 2012: First "Spotters weekend" in Amsterdam, with 80 Spotters attending[12]
Jan 2013: Launch of first city guides in North America
Oct 2014: Second "Spotters weekend" in Amsterdam, with 100 Spotters from 48 cities attending[13]


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