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Spreader may refer to:

  • Broadcast spreader, an agricultural machinery or lawn care tool designed to spread seed, fertilizer, lime, sand, ice melt, etc.
  • Spreader (railroad), a kind of maintenance of way equipment designed to spread or shape ballast profiles
  • Hydraulic spreader, a tool used by emergency crews in vehicle extrication
  • Spreader (sailboat), a spar on a sailboat used to deflect the shrouds to allow them to better support the mast
  • Spreader bar, a BDSM bondage device
  • Spreader (lifting), a lifting device used to distribute forces appropriately for structural or interference reasons
  • Manure spreader, an agricultural machinery designed to spread manure
  • Spreader (container), often "spreader bar", device to attach transport containers to cranes
  • Spreader (mining), a heavy equipment used in surface mining and mechanical engineering/civil engineering