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The SpringBoard Expansion Slot was a versatile expansion slot devised for Handspring's range of Palm OS PDAs.

In 1999, the flexibility and expandability possible with SpringBoard modules was unavailable in other handheld computers. The innovation earned Handspring the PC Magazine Annual Award in the Handheld category for its Visor series. The PDAs available from Palm had been less flexible, and this limitation contributed to the splintering off of many Palm founders in order to form Handspring Inc.

This proprietary hardware standard supported a wide range of accessories. The interface inspired many creative products because it made it possible to use the PDA as a flexible interface to otherwise technically difficult to manage sophisticated hardware. Among the many available modules were auxiliary memory, game plug-ins, GPS navigation receivers, cameras, GSM and CDMA mobile phones, versatile infrared remote controls, wired and wireless network interface cards, Bluetooth modules, MP3 players, cordless phones with answering machines, and voice recorders.

Distributing software in plug-in modules was also seen as the next big thing in copy protection, with an implementation very similar to game cartridges in entertainment systems. However, the impractical requirement of carrying around multiple modules, not to mention the potential impact on delicate pins, prevented widespread adoption.

Handspring Springboard Game modules-

Springboard Expansion Modules are available on online auction sites including:

  • Games
    • GameFace joystick faceplate
    • Tiger Woods Golf
    • Vrally
    • Pocket Chess
Handspring Springboard Dictionary modules-
  • Reference
    • The Bible
    • Franklin medical dictionary
    • Physicians Desk Reference
    • Merriam-Webster dictionary
    • 5 Language Translator
    • Stedmans Medical Dictionary
Handspring Springboard Flash Backup modules
  • Storage
    • Handspring backup modules
    • Flash modules
    • MemPlug and InnoPocket Flash Memory adapters (in SM, SD & CF flavors)
Handspring Springboard Camera modules-
  • Video accessories
    • eyemodule and eyemodule2
    • Targus HandCam
    • Margi's Presenter-to-Go slideshow projector controller
Handspring Springboard Audio modules-
Handspring Springboard Modem modules-
Handspring Springboard Wireless modules-
Handspring Springboard GPS modules-
Handspring Springboard Scanner modules-
  • Audio accessories
    • MyVox voice recorder
    • MP3 players
    • Admobis ProRecord
  • Connectivity
  • Wired
    • Hotsync PC docking station
    • Phone line modems (Xircom, Handspring, CardAccess ThinModem)
    • USB devices
  • Wireless
    • Red Blade BT module
    • Red Blade Wi-Fi module
    • Skytel wireless internet module and service, discontinued(?)
    • Sprint wireless IM, still in service
    • Visorphone cellular (CDMA or TriBand GSM Phone including speaker, Predecessor to Treo line of cellular phones)
    • Omnisky Minstrel wireless IM, defunct
  • GPS
    • Nexian HandyGPS
    • Magellan GPS Companion
    • Geode GPS
  • Barcode / RFID scanner
    • PSC Momentum I and II
    • Symbol CSM 150
  • Other
    • JetLog 24x7 PowerNap
    • Handspring Massager