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For the son of William Penn, see Springett Penn (I).

Springett Penn (died February 8, 1731) was a grandson and heir of William Penn, founder and proprietor of Pennsylvania.


Penn was born in England, the eldest son of William Penn, Jr. He succeeded to his father's claims, and was by many persons considered the rightful governor-in-chief of Pennsylvania. Sir William Keith, the lieutenant-governor, caused a tract of land, 6 miles wide and 15 miles long,[1] on the frontier (around present-day York, Pennsylvania) to be laid out for him, and called Springettsbury Manor.

In 1725, with Hannah Penn, the widow and executrix of the founder, he nominated Patrick Gordon as Keith's successor, and obtained confirmation of the appointment by the Crown of England. The will of the founder was established by decree of the court of exchequer in 1727, and a compromise between the two branches of the family was in process of adjustment at his death.

He died in Dublin, Ireland, February 8, 1731.


Springettsbury Township, York County, Pennsylvania is named for him.


  1. ^ "York County History". York County, Pennsylvania. Archived from the original on September 30, 2006. A tract measuring 6 miles wide and 15 miles long and including the site now occupied by the City of York was surveyed and named Springettsbury Manor, for Springett Penn, the grandson of the Founder.