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Springfest is a common name for events occurring to celebrate the coming of Spring.

  • Spring Fest, popularly known as SF, is the annual social & cultural festival held at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India during the month of January in the spring semester.
  • Springfest is a common name for The Florida SpringFest, a musical event in downtown Pensacola, Florida.
  • Springfest is a one- or two-day annual gathering at the European School of Brussels 3. Students, parents and teachers show off their talents or hobbies. Events include a fashion show, a battle of the bands, management seminars and football.
  • Springfest is an annual celebration held the first weekend of May in Ocean City, Maryland. The festival includes local foods, a craft market, and local and national musical artists.
  • Springfest is an annual block party held in student housing complexes in Harrisonburg, Virginia. A violent response to police broke out during the 2010 Springfest block party, known as the Springfest Riot.
  • Springfest is an annual festival held since 2001 in Ballarat, Victoria Australia between August and November. The festival includes a weekend market and music festival.
  • Springfest is an annual festival In Lubbock Texas, that many of the natives to Lubbock and around there attend to. There is an abundance of alcohol, and drunks.