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For other uses, see Sprung (disambiguation).
North American boxart
Developer(s) Guillemot, Inc.
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Composer(s) Tom Salta
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s)
  • NA December 8, 2004
  • EU March 11, 2005
Genre(s) Adventure
Dating Simulation
Mode(s) Single player

Sprung is a video game for the Nintendo DS. It was released in North America on December 7, 2004. Sprung puts players in the shoes of either Becky or Brett who try to get an NPC of the opposite sex to fall in love with them. Players "flirt" their way through conversations; player responses influence the resulting NPC dialogue. Sprung can be regarded as a dating sim, though the linearity and variety in the game (as well as its humor) lend it more to being an adventure game. The working title for Sprung was Crush.[1]


Brett and Becky have been longtime friends for as long as they could remember. They go on a trip to a ski resort owned by Connor. Their feelings for one another made both of them go on the trip together as an attempt to find not only love but promising future opportunities. Brett is hopelessly placed on the bottom of the totem pole, where he has to deal with Elliot and Conor, two well-to-do men who are richer, more charming and more famous than him. Becky's story revolves around her relationship with Brett, Becky was promised a modelling career by Elliot but the price of the contract was a chance to date her. As Brett tries to win the heart of the girls against the two big shots of the resort, Becky is caught in a model rat race against Kiki and Alex while she wonders: Who does she really love?

Critical reception[edit]

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 48.18%[2]
Metacritic 48/100[3]
Review scores
Publication Score
EGM 3.33/10[4]
Game Informer 6/10[5]
Game Revolution F[6]
GameSpot 6/10[7]
GameSpy 1.5/5 stars[8]
IGN 4/10[9]
NGC Magazine 1/5 stars[10]
Nintendo Power 3.8/5[11]
Nintendo World Report 8/10[12]
PALGN 4/10[13]
Detroit Free Press 1/4 stars[14]
The Sydney Morning Herald 2.5/5 stars[15]

Sprung was met with negative reception, as GameRankings gave it a score of 48.18%,[2] while Metacritic gave it 48 out of 100.[3]

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