Spy Records (Italy)

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Spy Records
Parent company Time Group
Founded 1999
Founder Giacomo Maiolini
Status Inactive in 2005
Genre Electronic music
Italo dance
House music
Country of origin  Italy
Location Brescia, Italy

Spy Records was Italian record label, specializing in Italo dance and Eurodance, and owned by TIME Group. It was founded by Giacomo Maiolini in 1999. Spy label rose as departament of Time Records, after the death of Italian Style Production.


After founding the record label, Maiolini handed Spy Records to Rossano Prini at the midst of 1999. After that, Prini began to select established artists to musical repertorie and contracted the Tristano and Erika De Bonis brothers and DJs, in order to work in his recording.

In 2004, Prini left Spy Records to work in Label 73 and, in 2005, the record label closed its doors.

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