Spyker E12

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Spyker E12
Manufacturer Spyker Cars
Production TBA
Body and chassis
Class Saloon/Sports Coupé
Engine Twelve-cylinder

Spyker Cars shareholder and CEO, Victor Muller hinted at a Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche Panamera rival with an eight-cylinder (the E8) or a twelve-cylinder (the E12) engine, but due to problems getting the D8 into production, the idea was ignored until recently when Muller has said he "believes now could be the time to resurrect the saloon." [1] Muller believes it will take about four years from time E8/E12 is revealed to the time it starts production.[1] In March 2011, Muller stated that the production version of the Spyker E8/E12 will use a twelve-cylinder instead of the proposed eight-cylinder engine.[2]