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Squawk can refer to:

  • Yellow-crowned night heron, also known as a squawk.
  • Squawk code (more formally transponder code), a four-digit number sent out by an aircraft's transponder.
  • Squawk (album), hard rock band Budgie's second album, released in 1972.
  • Squawk virtual machine, a Java virtual machine for small devices, written mostly in Java programming language.
  • A nickname for the Seattle Seahawks football team.
  • Squawk can also refer to another aviation-related meaning, concerning maintenance problems, such as: "The plane has three squawks." - where there are three problems that require repair or attention.
  • Squawk (sound) - short, inspiratory, musical sound that have been reported to be present in patients with hypersensitivity pneumonitis, fibrotic lung disorders, and pneumonia.
  • Hoot-n-holler (also known as a squawk box system), a type of telecommunications system where there is a permanent open circuit between two or more parties.