Sri Sridhara Ayyaval Mutt

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The Sri Sridhara Ayyaval Mutt is a Hindu mutt in the village of Thiruvisanallur. The mutt was established by a Saivite saint Sridhara Venkatesa Ayyaval who lived and preached here in the late 17th century. The main duties of the mutt are to perpetuate the memory of Sridhara Ayyaval. The mutt also organizes philanthropic activities and holds pujas during major Hindu festivals.

The mutts in Tamil Nadu started for the purpose of developing Hinduism and serving the public. More are less than they are performing the welfare activities in the society. Constructing a temple in Tamil Nadu (by stone) is so expensive. Likewise maintaining the old temple showing the ancient Tamil Nadu culture and style is also expensive. The mutts are partially taking the service.

The following Navagraha temples are situated in the districts of Thanjavur Nagappatinam Thiruvarur and Puducheri territory. But the Kumbakonam town is surrounded by all the Navagrasthalam. So we can take trip from Kumbakonam.

SL.No Name of village Navagraha Temple Phone Number Nearby town Kilometers
1 Suriyanar koil Temple of Sun 0435-2472349 Kumbakonam 15
2 Thingaloore Temple of Moon -- Thanjavur 14
3 Vaitheeswaran koil Temple of Mars 04364-279423 Mailaduthurai 13
4 Thiruvenkadu Temple of Mercury 04364-256424 Mailaduthurai 25
5 Alangudi Temple of Jupiter 04374-269407 Kumbakonam 15
6 Kanjanur Temple of Venus 0435-2473737 Kumbakonam 21
7 Thirunallar Temple of Saturn 04368-236530 Karaikkal 05
8 Thirunageswaram Temple of Raghu 0435-2463354 Kumbakonam 17
9 Keezha Perumpallam Temple of Kedhu 04364-275222 Mailaduthurai 33