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Saint Dyfodwg
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church;
Eastern Orthodox Church
Anglican Communion
Feast 25 June

Dyfodwg, or Tyfodwg, was a 6th-century Welsh saint. He is one of the three saints (with Illtyd and Gwynno) from whom the ancient parish of Llantrisant takes its name, and possibly the patron (believed to have been Tyfodwg son of Gwilfyw) of the parish church of Llandyfodwg in Glynogwr, between Blackmill and Gilfach Goch in Bridgend, Wales.

Some say he was a Breton monk, a disciple of Saint Illtyd of Llantwit Major. Llandyfodwg parish website asserts that some historians believe that Tyfodwg was a local chieftain promised sainthood by that monastery - the parish of Ystradyfodwg ('‘the vale of Tyfodwg’') in the nearby Rhondda Valley has never had a church dedicated under the name of Dyfodwg, suggesting that the place was named after its chieftain. Rather, Ystradyfodwg's parish church is dedicated to Saint John.[1]

According to Rice Rees Tyfodwg was one of the associates of Cadfan (presumably Saint Cadfan), though the family line in the Cambrian Biography, is inconsistent with known chronology.[2] His patronal feast is kept on 25 June.[1]