St. Hilda's College, University of Toronto

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St Hilda's College

St Hilda's College is the women's college of the University of Trinity College, itself a federated college of the University of Toronto, Canada. Although all women registered at Trinity College are considered students of St Hilda's College, it is not an independent body and today serves only an administrative function.

St Hilda's College was named after St Hilda of Whitby.


The University of Trinity College admitted its first women student in 1884. In 1888, it was decided that a distinct college was required for Trinity's women students. St Hilda's College was initially opened in a building on Euclid Avenue, Toronto, with two resident students. The college was moved to a building on Shaw Street in 1889, then to a set of two larger houses on the same street in 1892, and in 1903 to a larger, purpose-built building on the main Trinity College grounds. In 1925, when Trinity College moved from its original location on Queen Street to the main University of Toronto campus, St Hilda's College was moved to 99 St. George Street. The final move took place in 1938, when the current St Hilda's building on Devonshire Place was opened. The former College building at Trinity Bellwoods Park is now John Gibson House, a seniors residence.

In 2005, the administration of Trinity College elected to end the practice of same-sex residency; as a result, St Hilda's College now houses both men and women.


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