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St. John's Church in Egham

St. John's Church, Egham or Egham Parish Church.[1] or St. John the Baptist, Egham (or simply St. John's Church) is an evangelical Anglican church located in the centre of Egham, Surrey, in the Diocese of Guildford.[2] There are approximately 320 members on the Electoral Roll and a usual Sunday attendance in the region of 300. The incumbent (Vicar) is the Revd Jeff Wattley.

Its purpose is reflected in the Church logo: ‘Transforming our Community’ - its goal is not just for the members but to reach out and make an impact on the community. Community programs include a Christmas soup kitchen and an active Besom group, as well as the normal Guides, Brownies, and other youth work.


The current church, of Georgian architecture, was built in about 1812. There has been a church on the site since about 1150 and the lychgate precedes the current building. John Wesley preached in Egham during his English ministry in about 1771.[3] Both the church and the lychdate are Grade II* listed structures. [4][5]

One of those buried in the churchyard is Frederic Cournet, a former French naval officer and political exile. Cournet fought in the last duel to take place in England, in 1852 at nearby Englefield Green. His opponent was compatriot Emmanuel Barthélemy who fled to England after taking part in the 1848 June Days Uprising. Cournet was wounded and died some hours later. Barthélemy was found guilty of manslaughter and served seven months in prison, however he was hanged in London in 1855 after killing two other men.

The Magna Carta baronial shields have been displayed in the narthex since the 1999 liturgical reordering. Prior to that time, they were displayed on the pillars within the nave.

Recent Events[edit]

The Vicar, Jeff Wattley, and several parishioners were on BBC1 "the One show" on 17 Feb, 2014 helping those in need from the flooding. [6][7]


Coordinates: 51°25′56″N 0°32′39″W / 51.4323°N 0.5441°W / 51.4323; -0.5441