St. Mark's Church, Mansfield

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St. Mark's Church, Mansfield
53°08′18″N 1°11′52″W / 53.1384°N 1.1977°W / 53.1384; -1.1977Coordinates: 53°08′18″N 1°11′52″W / 53.1384°N 1.1977°W / 53.1384; -1.1977
Denomination Church of England
Churchmanship High Church
Dedication St. Mark
Parish Mansfield
Diocese Southwell and Nottingham
Province York
Vicar(s) Revd Dr Keith Hebden
Organist/Director of music Mike Smith

St. Mark's Church, Mansfield is a parish church in the Church of England in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.[1]

The church is Grade II* listed by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport as it is a particularly significant building of more than local interest.


St. Mark's church was built by the architect Temple Lushington Moore and opened in 1897. It is located on Nottingham Road in Mansfield.

Stained glass[edit]

There are two stained glass windows by Charles Eamer Kempe at the west end.


The organ dates from 1900 by the builders Brindley & Foster of Sheffield. It was renovated by Henry Willis and Sons in 1955, Midland Organ Builders in 1974 and more recently by Anthony Herrod. A complete re-build in starts in May 2014 by Henry Groves

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