St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church Massarra

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Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church
Location Massarra, Shubra
Country  Egypt
Denomination Coptic Orthodox Church
Founder(s) Pope Cyril V of Alexandria
Dedication Saint Mary
Dedicated 1925
Architectural type Church
Style Coptic architecture
Division The Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate
Bishop(s) HG Bishop Makary, General Bishop for Southern Shobra

St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church Massarra is a Coptic Orthodox church located in Shubra District, Cairo, Egypt. It was built during the time when Pope Cyril V of Alexandria was Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church and inaugurated in 1924.

History of the land[edit]

St. Mary and Saint Joseph escaping to Egypt. One of the icons in the church

Search began for land in an appropriate place and there were a lot of lands offered for sale but there was an agreement on a land owned by Saada Kanary pasha located in Massarra street. The purchase contract was signed on 3 April 1923. The Royal Decree No.56 dated 11 July 1923 was signed by his Majesty Fuad I king of Egypt authorised building the church. A preach wooden chamber was temporarily constructed on the land. It was inaugurated by Pope Cyril V on Tuesday, 6 November 1923. The preach in the chamber continued until the architectural drawings and designs were completed. Archbishop Sidrus Gahli prayed the first mass in the church on Palm Sunday on 12 April, in 1925 while the constructing was still going.

Church Services[edit]

The church rite service is holding the Mass mainly on Sunday, Friday. Also the church other services includes Bible studying, and Sunday schools.

Church Icons[edit]

The church has a collection of icons located in every corner of the church representing some of the events that happened in St. Mary's life, and also some icons of Jesus Christ and his disciples.

Church Extensions[edit]

the church has a lot of extensions like:

  1. the Services Building.
  2. St.Mary's Hall.
  3. Saint George's Club.
  4. Libraries.
  5. St. Mary's Computer Centre.
  6. Marcelino's Puppets Theatre.