St. Thomas Church, Filefjell

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St. Thomas Church, Filefjell is the previous site of a medieval stave church in Filefjell, Norway. Little is known of its pre-Reformation use. It was rebuilt in the early 17th century, and services were again held. Gradually, the church gained a reputation for having healing powers and people from far and wide came to be cured from their afflictions.

Soon market days were established in connection with the church’s July 2 service. This, however, was the cause of much drunkenness, fighting, and general unrest. In 1808 the church was torn down and sold at an auction.

In July 1971 a new church was built on the site of the old stave church.

Coordinates: 61°10′46″N 8°07′04″E / 61.17944°N 8.11778°E / 61.17944; 8.11778