St Jude's Church, Carlton

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St Jude's
St Jude's church, Carlton, Australia - interior.jpg
Interior of St Jude's and the stained glass windows, 2011
Country Carlton, Victoria, Australia
Denomination Anglican
Dedicated 1866
Heritage designation The site is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register

St Jude's Church is an Anglican parish church in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton and is one of the first complete polychromatic brick churches built in Australia. The church was opened in 1866 as a temporary wooden building, but was rebuilt as a Gothic-polychrome building between 1866 and 1874.[1]

St Jude's Carlton is linked to St Jude's Hartwith (North Yorkshire UK) (Hartwith cum Winsley) which was dedicated to St Jude after refurbishment in 1891 at the request of parishioners who had emigrated to Australia and worshipped at St Jude's Carlton near Melbourne.

The site is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.[2]

The pipe organ[edit]

The building contains an intact early pipe organ installed in 1868 to the design of George Fincham, a leading nineteenth century organ builder who arrived in Australia in 1852.[2][3]

The stained glass window[edit]

The Melbourne Argus (page 5) of Monday 7 March 1892 reported, "A very fine stained glass window has been placed in St. Jude’s Church, Carlton, to the memory of John Richard Bathe Neale, Lygon Street, Carlton, by his parents, of Windsor. The subject is Christ at the Pool of Bethesda." The accompanying text is taken from John 5:8, "Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk."[4][5]

The 2014 fire[edit]

In October 2014 St Jude's was damaged by a deliberately lit fire. Prayers were offered for those who had set fire to the building. Repairs were estimated at $500,000.[6][7]

The vicar[edit]

In January 2017, the Reverend John Forsyth was appointed vicar.


The Australian rock band Skyhooks performed their first live show in the church's hall, supported by the band Scumbag, whose line-up included Red Symons who subsequently joined Skyhooks.

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