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The logo of Staatsbosbeheer on an entrance sign of one of its nature reserves

Staatsbosbeheer, founded in 1899, is a Dutch government organization for forestry and the management of nature reserves.

Staatsbosbeheer currently oversees over 250,000 hectares of land in the Netherlands.[1] Usually this land is open to the public for recreational purposes, but restrictions often apply. Examples are the compulsory use of a leash when bringing a dog, or daytime access only.

The organization has been criticized for not taking close enough care of its lands,[2] or for interfering with political decisions,[3] but news reports are generally positive[4] or simply report public service announcements from the organization.[5][6]

While the literal translation of the name would be 'State Forest Management', forests only make up 900 square kilometres of the total land under supervision. The remaining land consists of varying landscapes such as dunes, polders and wetlands.


Chairmen Periode
Hans Wiegel Hans Wiegel
(born 1941)
1 January 1998 – 1 January 2008
(10 years, 0 days)
Elco Brinkman Elco Brinkman
(born 1948)
1 January 2008 – 1 April 2010
(2 years, 90 days)
Inge Brakman
(born 1961)
Since 1 April 2010
(10 years, 296 days)

Notable areas under supervision by Staatsbosbeheer[edit]


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