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Stacy Dittrich


Ohio, United States
Occupation Author, former police detective
Nationality United States
Genre True crime
Subject Crime
Notable works Stumbling Along the Beat

Stacy Dittrich (born 2 March 1973), a former police detective from Ohio, is an American mystery novelist and true crime author.


Dittrich, a graduate of Lexington High School (Ohio), retired from the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Mansfield, Ohio, in 2008. She began her police career as a dispatcher in 1992 and became a deputy in 1996, after being exposed to law enforcement by her father and three uncles, who were police officers.[1] In 1997, The Mansfield News Journal printed a two-page feature article about Dittrich and her retired father titled "Like Father, Like Daughter: The Beat Goes On."[2]

In 2002, Dittrich received the Victims of Crime Award from the Ohio attorney general.[3] In 2009, she received a commendation from Ohio State Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhlfor her writing achievements.[4]

Dittrich is a regular contributor to Women in Crime Ink,[5] She co-hosted a weekly radio show, “Justice Interrupted," with former Los Angeles County prosecutor Robin Sax.[6]

Her book, Murder Behind the Badge, includes the cases of former police officer Antoinette Frank's killings in New Orleans; Bobby Cutts Jr., who murdered his pregnant former girlfriend; California Highway Patrol Trooper Craig Peyer, who pulled over San Diego State University college student Cara Knott, then murdered her; Columbia, Missouri, officer Steven Rios, who slit the throat of his gay lover; and former police sergeant Drew Peterson and the case of his missing wife.[7]

In November 2010, The Fremantle Corporation entered into a television option for a crime drama based on Dittrich's CeeCee Gallagher novel series.[8]


Dittrich has appeared on CNN,[9] the "Nancy Grace Show,"[10][11] HLN, CBS' "48 Hours," FOX's "The O'Reilly Factor," and "Geraldo At Large." She also appeared on E! True Hollywood to talk about the Michael Jackson death investigation.[12]

She also regularly speaks across the country about domestic violence on behalf of an awareness group founded by Denise Brown, whose sister, Nicole Brown Simpson, was murdered in 1994.[13]

In 2009, she appeared on an HLN panel, titled "Cops After Those Who Helped Alleged Killer," on "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell."[14] In 2008, Scared Monkeys Radio's "The Dana Pretzer Show" hosted Dittrich, along with two other true crime authors, as "the ladies of Women in Crime Ink."[15] She also made regular appearances as a commentator on "The Dana Pretzer Show" in 2009 and 2010.[16]



  • Murder Behind the Badge: True Stories of Cops Who Kill (2009), Prometheus Books
  • Stumbling Along the Beat (2010), Kaplan Publishing
  • Searching for Sandra: The Story Behind the Disappearance of Sandra Cantu (2013), Crime Street Press


CeeCee Gallagher titles[edit]

  • The Devil's Closet (2008)
  • Mary Jane's Grave (2009)
  • Murder Mountain (2010)
  • The Body Mafia (2010)
  • The Rapture of Omega (2010)


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