Stade Nungesser

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Location Quartier Nungesser
Owner Valenciennes Métropole
Operator Valenciennes Métropole
Capacity Football: 16,457
Built 1930
Opened 1930
Valenciennes FC

Stade Nungesser was a multi-use stadium in Valenciennes, France. It is currently used mostly for football matches and was the home stadium of Valenciennes FC through the 2010-11 season. The stadium is able to hold 16,457 people and was built in 1930. It is being replaced by the Stade du Hainaut, which will hold 25,000 people, in July 2011.

The stadium is named after the ace pilot Charles Nungesser, who was born in Valenciennes.

Coordinates: 50°20′56″N 3°31′37″E / 50.348925°N 3.526847°E / 50.348925; 3.526847