Stade du Thillenberg

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Stade du Thillenberg
Entrée Stade du Thillenberg 01.jpg
Stade du Thillenberg, Differdange, Luxembourg
Full nameStade du Thillenberg
LocationDifferdange, Luxembourg
CoordinatesCoordinates: 49°31′20″N 5°52′32″E / 49.522158°N 5.875475°E / 49.522158; 5.875475
FC Differdange 03

Stade du Thillenberg is a football stadium in Differdange, in south-western Luxembourg. It is currently the home stadium of FC Differdange 03. Until 2003, it was the home of Red Boys Differdange. The stadium has a capacity of 7,150 people.

Behind the stand