Stafford Technical Center

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Stafford Technical Center
Rutland, Vermont 05701
United States
Coordinates 43°37′6.2″N 72°57′18″W / 43.618389°N 72.95500°W / 43.618389; -72.95500Coordinates: 43°37′6.2″N 72°57′18″W / 43.618389°N 72.95500°W / 43.618389; -72.95500
Superintendent Mary Moran

Stafford Technical Center is a technical school adjacent to Rutland High School, located in Rutland, Vermont.

The school offers programs such as culinary arts, hospitality, forestry and natural resources, video production, automotive and architecture engineering, and design. There are 17 different full-day technical programs. When students enroll in one of these programs they spend the full school day at Stafford Technical Center, while continuing to be enrolled at their sending high school. The programs start at 9:15 am and run until 2:30 pm. Students may take additional academic classes at Stafford Technical Center or Rutland High School. Transportation to Stafford Technical Center is provided by the student’s sending high school. Evening classes are held for adult learners and are available to anyone sixteen years of age or older. It is similar to the BOCES program in New York State.

The school is part of the Rutland City Public School District, but also allows students from other towns in Rutland County to attend. Several hundred students are currently in attendance.

Stafford students are heavily involved in local events and charity. Every two years the school builds, and sells at-cost, a home designed and built by students of several programs. The daycare program run by students also helps collect and donate children's clothing and winter accessories. Stafford Technical Center’s Hospitality and Entrepreneurship Management Program supported the local Salvation Army by helping to organize the food donated through the community Stuff-A-Bus program. Stafford Technical Center’s Community Service theme is “Give Back”. They launched this effort by raking and cleaning up the lawns of local senior citizens and several recreational parks within the Rutland area.