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Stallo is a supercomputer at the University of Tromsø. It was put into use on the 10 December 2007, then as the world 87th most powerful supercomputer, and reached, in June 2008, a peak of 62nd[1] in the TOP500 list of supercomputers.

Picture of a supercomputer


Stallo is operated through NOTUR, the Norwegian Metacenter for Computational Science, and is used for a variety of tasks by universities and industry.[2]


Stallo is a 1040 CPU / 9,184 core system employing two versions of Intel Xeon chipsets with a peak performance of 104 TFlop/s.[3] Overall Stallo has 19.7 TB RAM and 155.2 TB internal disk capacity.


The name is taken from a mythical figure in Sami folklore, Stallo.


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