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A family dancing to one of Boreson's Christmas songs

Stan Boreson (May 5, 1925[1]– January 27, 2017), the "King of Scandinavian Humor," was an American comedian and singer from Everett, Washington. He attended Everett High School and then for two years Everett Junior College (now Everett Community College). He then transferred to the University of Washington, where he majored in accounting and personnel management.[2]

Boreson was an early local TV star in the Seattle area, with a career that included 12 years as the host of "King's Klubhouse" on KING-TV.[3]

In 2005, King Harald V of Norway honored him with the St. Olav's Medal.[2]

Stan Boreson died aged 91 in Seattle, Washington, on January 27, 2017. [4]


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