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The Stanley J. Korsmeyer Award has been awarded annually by the American Society for Clinical Investigation since 1998. The Award recognizes outstanding achievements advancing knowledge in a specific field and mentoring future generations of investigators in the life sciences. The award was renamed in 2006 to honor Dr. Stanley J. Korsmeyer, who was an accomplished and dedicated physician-scientist and mentor, and the first recipient of this award, who died in 2005. The awardee receives a US$20,000 honorarium and presents the Korsmeyer Lecture at the Society’s annual meeting.[1]


Year Winner(s)
2018 Joseph Heitman
2017 James E. Crowe, Jr. [Wikidata]
2016 Jean-Laurent Casanova [de]
2015 Louis J. Ptáček
2014 Beth Levine
2013 Bruce Beutler
2012 William G. Kaelin, Gregg L. Semenza
2011 Brian J. Druker, Charles L. Sawyers
2010 Andrew R. Marks
2009 Mitchell A. Lazar
2008 Gerald I. Shulman [de]
2007 D. Gary Gilliland [Wikidata]
2006 Shaun R. Coughlin [Wikidata]
2005 Francis Collins
2004 David Ginsburg [Wikidata]
2003 Craig B. Thompson
2002 Ronald A. DePinho
2001 Laurie Glimcher
2000 Christine E. Seidman [Wikidata]
1999 Richard D. Klausner [de]
1998 Stanley J. Korsmeyer

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