Stanner Rocks

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Stanner Rocks is a rounded hill, steep in parts, which lies close to the Wales border with England between Walton and Kington. A superb collection of wild plants can be found here. Where it faces south, warm sunshine and drying winds create an ideal environment for plants which you would be more likely to see around the Mediterranean. The most famous of Stanner Rocks’ specialties is the pretty and elusive Radnor Lily, having small, starry yellow flowers.

The Stanner-Hanter Complex refers to the set of rocks which outcrop at Stanner Hill and the nearby Hanter Hill and Worsel Wood and which have long been considered to be the oldest in Wales, having been dated to around 700 million years BP using the rubidium-strontium dating method. They comprise gabbro, diorite and granite.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°13′16″N 3°04′45″W / 52.22111°N 3.07917°W / 52.22111; -3.07917