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Ellington University is an unaccredited higher education institution. It has no status or recognition with the United States Department of Education.[citation needed] University Consulting Inc. (UCI) is the operator of Ellington University and Higher Education Services Association.[1]

The East Carolinian noted "On its Web site, Ellington says it's proud to be accredited by HESA, the Higher Education Services Association, which it describes as an international accrediting agency formed by University Consulting Inc. But it appears that Ellington and HESA are both creations of University Consulting, according to information compiled by the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization."[1][dead link]

Furthermore, "UCI's Web site opens with a three-page disclaimer. The company says its colleges and universities are located online and owned by firms outside the United States, namely Dominica, Belize, Cyprus, and Panama." Indeed, "in the fine print, however, it says that HESA is not recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation nor is it recognized by the United States Department of Education", which "recognition by both is generally the standard in determining whether an institution is legitimate".[1][dead link]

In 2004, The East Carolinian explained "no books, no tests, no classes and no expertise in the subject". Likewise, "Ellington, which says it's in Belize, is one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of diploma mills thriving on the Internet. They sell everything from high school to postgraduate diplomas at fees ranging from $39 to $5,000."[1][dead link]

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