Star Band

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Star Band
Years active1960-1980
Past membersLaba Sosseh,MAGUETTE NDIAYE Youssou N'Dour, Barthélémy Attisso, Balla Sidibe, El Hadji Faye, Ibra Kasse, Pape Seck

Star Band is a music group from Senegal that was the resident band of Dakar's Miami Club.[1][2]

Formed to celebrate Senegal's independence in 1960, the band has been host to some influential musicians, Youssou N'Dour being the most notable, and gave birth to Etoile de Dakar.[3] Some former members were drafted for the first Orchestra Baobab (as the Baobab club was opened to compete with Miami), and also for Laba Sosseh's Abidjan-based band.


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