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Star Hero
Cover of Star Hero book
Designer(s) James Cambias, Steve Long
Publisher(s) Hero Games
Publication date 2002
Genre(s) Science fiction
System(s) Hero System

Star Hero is a role-playing game, published by Hero Games,[1] which uses its Fifth Edition Hero System rules to represent the science fiction genre. Though not nearly as popular as its Champions, Dark Champions, and Fantasy Hero lines, the genre book has been received well by fans and critics alike, and its Terran Empire setting has received positive reviews.[2] This book was dedicated to RJM Hughes, an avid poster at the Hero Games forums, who died in August 2002 due to complications from diabetes. The sixth edition rendition of Star Hero is scheduled for an August 2011 release.

Like Champions, Star Hero requires the Hero System rulebook to play, as the rules are pretty similar to all other games using the system, with minor alterations to facilitate such common science fiction elements as interstellar starship battles, faster-than-light travel, and alien empires.

Hero Universe[edit]

The official Hero Universe setting divides the science fiction genre into five historical periods: Solar Hero (years 2080 to 2200), Interstellar Hero (2200–2300), Alien Wars (2300–2400), The Terran Empire (2400–2700), and The Galactic Federation (2700-3000).[3]

Fifth Edition Star Hero supplements[edit]

  • Terran Empire by James Cambias, 2003
  • The Spacer's Toolkit by Ben Seeman, 2003
  • Alien Wars by Allen Thomas, 2003
  • Worlds of Empire by Allen Thomas, Ben Seeman, Jason Walters, Steve Long, and Darren Watts, 2006


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