Star Swamp

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Star Swamp

Star Swamp Bushland Reserve Coordinates: 31°51′12″S 115°45′47″E / 31.85333°S 115.76306°E / -31.85333; 115.76306 is a bushland reserve occupying about half of the land area of the suburbs of Watermans Bay and North Beach in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. The precise origin of the name is unknown, but the earliest known use of the name was on a lease application by J.H.Okely of Wanneroo in 1868.[1]

In 1987, the State Government set aside 96 hectares as an A-class reserve,[2] and funding from the Bicentennial Commemorative Program and assistance from local organisations facilitated the establishment of the Star Swamp Heritage Trail within the reserve.[3]

Camel Quarantine Area

Star Swamp contains a history trail that spans over a 1.4 km walk. The trail contains 10 points of interest each marked with a plaque and sign.:[3]

Star Swamp has been the target of many bushfires.[4][5]


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