Star Wreck (video game)

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Star Wreck
Developer(s) Charles. A Sharp
Publisher(s) Alternative Software
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64
Release 1987
Genre(s) Text adventure
Mode(s) Single player

Star Wreck is a text adventure game written in 1987 by Charles A. Sharp. It was published by Alternative Software for the Spectrum 48k,[1] Amstrad CPC[2] and Commodore 64.[3]


Star Wreck was written using the Graphic Adventure Creator. After its initial publication in 1987, it also appeared in Alternative Software's compilation tape 4-Most Adventures, in 1991.[4]


The game takes place in a parody of the Star Trek universe and the player takes on the role of Captain James T. Cake of the USS Paralysed.

Critical reaction[edit]

Star Wreck was reviewed by Your Sinclair in December 1987,[5] receiving 6 out of 10. Whilst enjoyable, the reviewer felt that the initial area (the Starship Paralysed) was too open, causing difficulties in working out what's going on.


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