Starr Labs

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Starr Labs
Industry Musical instruments
Founded 1986
Founder Harvey Starr
Headquarters San Diego, CA, USA
Area served
Products Ztar, RockController

Starr Labs is a Musical Instrument manufacturer that was founded in 1986 in San Diego, California by musician and inventor Harvey Starr. [1] [2], former singer & guitarist with 1960s' band The Richard Kent Style of Manchester, England.

The company manufactures a diverse product line of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) interactive guitars, keyboards, percussion and unique music devices for professional musicians, semi-pro musicians, and music students.

Current Products:

Ztars [3][4] Keyboards [5] Guitar Electronics [6]

The company also offers custom versions of their products for professional musicians.

The guitar products range from the simple RockController, a six-string, full-fretted neck controller for music-based video games to their high-end Z6S[7].

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