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State management refers to the management of the state of one or more user interface controls such as text fields, OK buttons, radio buttons, etc. in a graphical user interface. In this user interface programming technique, the state of one UI control depends on the state of other UI controls. For example, a state managed UI control such as a button will be in the enabled state when input fields have valid input values and the button will be in the disabled state when the input fields are empty or have invalid values.

Vuex is state management library for the Vue.js JavaScript framework.

NgRx is the state management library for the Angular JavaScript framework

Redux is a general-purpose state management library that can be used with any of the above frameworks or other view libraries, but is very commonly used with the React library.

  "hatColor": "white",
  "shirtColor": "green",
  "pantsColor": "black",
  "shoeColor": "green"

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