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Stattler is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Benedict Stattler (1728–1797), German Jesuit theologian, who among those who contributed to the renovation of Moral Theology in Germany, in the latter part of the Eighteenth Century, Benedict Stattler is worthy of notice; on the subject of work and wages his Ethica Christiana Communis (1782–1789) is outstanding. The authors whom we studied in the preceding chapter introduced us to a reformed attitude towards wages, as well as to new methods in the general presentation of Moral Theology. Stattler appreciated the new methods, but liked to claim his doctrine from the older Catholic sources. Nevertheless, he probably owes something of his doctrine on work and wages to contemporary authors: Oberrauch (1774), Wurzer (1775), Lechleitner (1776), Schanza (1780), were in print before Stattler’s first two volumes of Ethica Christiana Communis (:ECC) appeared in 1782. And Luby (1782), was available before the appearance of Stattler’s third volume (1784) and fifth volume (1788) — the two volumes which include his matter on work and wages.
  • Wojciech Stattler (1800–1875), was a Polish painter of Swiss aristocratic ancestry and a long-standing professor of the School of Fine Arts in Kraków.