Steamboat Island

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Steamboat Island, Washington
Coordinates: 47°11′06″N 122°56′24″W / 47.1850958°N 122.9398662°W / 47.1850958; -122.9398662Coordinates: 47°11′06″N 122°56′24″W / 47.1850958°N 122.9398662°W / 47.1850958; -122.9398662
Country United States
State Washington
County Thurston
 • Land .01 sq mi (0.03 km2)
Population (2010)
 • Total 41 [1]
Time zone WST (UTC-8)
ZIP code 98502

Steamboat Island is an island in southern Puget Sound. Founded in 1909, Steamboat Island was named by local settlers who thought the island resembled a steamboat.[2] Demographically it is mostly Caucasian and made of mostly two person households.[3]

Steamboat Island lies at the northern end of a peninsula known locally as the "Steamboat Peninsula". The peninsula and island is contained within the Griffin School District and is served by the Griffin Fire Department #13 and is also known locally as the "Griffin area" of Thurston County, Washington.


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