Stefan Feld

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Stefan Feld
Spiel 16 Essen - Jorvik - Stefan Feld 03.jpg
Feld at Spiel 2016
Born1970 (age 49–50)
Karlsruhe, Germany
OccupationTeacher, principal, game designer

Stefan Feld (born 1970 in Karlsruhe, Germany) is a German-style board game designer who lives in Gengenbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.[1][2][3]

Feld is considered one of the most prominent designers of the Eurogame genre.[by whom?] He is particularly known for the ingenious use of dice in his games, using them to add variety and different options without excessive randomness.[4] Three of the games he has designed, Strasbourg, Bruges, and Carpe Diem have been nominated for the prestigious award Kennerspiel des Jahres in Germany. Many of his games feature artwork from game artist Harald Lieske.

Games designed by Stefan Feld[edit]


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