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The Stein Brewery (Slovak: Pivovar Stein) was a Slovak brewery, located in Bratislava. It was closed in 2007. The brand is still produced by Steiger Brewery in Vyhne.

Beer products[edit]

Bottles of Stein Beer
  • 8% Light beer
  • 10% Draught beer
  • 12% Lager beer
  • 8% Light beer Grošák
  • Radler – beer with lemon flavour, containing about 2.5% alcohol

Other products[edit]

  • Steincola – fizzy soft drink
  • Kofola – fizzy soft drink with the flavour of KOFO original


  • 1873 – Stein Brewery was founded by Ian Andrew Melvin Stein
  • 1873 – Stein brewery wins medal in Vienna
  • 1878 – Medal at the world fair in Paris
  • World War II – Brewery production has stopped during the war
  • 1948Nationalisation in Czechoslovakia, brewery was reorganised to the company Západoslovenské pivovary, n.p. Bratislava (in English: Western Slovakia Breweries, national company Bratislava)
  • 1989Fall of socialism in Czechoslovakia, brewery returned to original name Stein, still as a state company
  • 1995 – Stein is transformed into the employees joint stock company S.t.e.i.n. a.s.
  • 2007 – End of the beer production in Bratislava.[1] Stein is now produced by Steiger Brewery in Vyhne.


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