Stephan Farffler

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Stephan Farffler
Rollstuhl Farfler 1655.jpg
Born 1633
Nuremberg, Germany
Died October 24, 1689 (aged 56)
Nationality German
Occupation Watchmaker, inventor

Stephan Farffler (1633 – October 24, 1689[1]), sometimes spelled Stephan Farfler, was a Nuremberg watchmaker of the seventeenth century whose invention of a manumotive carriage in 1655 is widely considered to have been the first self-propelled wheelchair. The three-wheeled device is also believed to have been a precursor to the modern-day tricycle and bicycle.[2]

Farffler, who was either a paraplegic[3][4] or an amputee,[5] also created a device for turning an hourglass at regular intervals and added chimes to the clocktower of Altdorf bei Nürnberg.[6]

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