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Stephen Chapin is an American singer. He is best known as the youngest of the four Chapin brothers, which include Harry Chapin and Tom Chapin [1] and is son of drummer Jim Chapin. He is the uncle of Jen Chapin and The Chapin Sisters. He has toured nationally, including with his late brother and in a series of Harry Chapin tribute concerts, and has also produced his own CDs, including "The Chapin Family Christmas Collection", and has worked as a teacher, arranger, recording artist, commercial producer, singer, performer and songwriter.[2] He has appeared on albums of his brothers; most notably, Harry Chapin's Greatest Stories Live album includes his performance of his song "Let Time Go Lightly".[3]

The Steve Chapin Band includes Chapin and former Harry Chapin band members "Big John" Wallace and Howard Fields. Steve and Big John have been making music together since their boy-choir days in 1955, through the doo-wop days, folk and early rock eras, and the Harry Chapin years. It was during the mid-'70s that they teamed up with Howard to forge the musical bonds that forge the heart of their music.


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